DNA and Genealogy Research Services

Are you new to DNA testing and want to know what all the “talk” is about and how DNA testing can help you find your family? Are you confused by the types of DNA tests available or which DNA testing company is best for your research goals? Do you have DNA test results and don’t know what they mean or what to do with them?  Do you have a “brick wall” family member you are trying to find and need both traditional, document-based research in combination with DNA research to try to find your family member?  I provide both one-on-one individual DNA consultations to help you understand DNA testing and your DNA results and also custom research projects combining traditional genealogical research with genetic genealogy.

Pre-DNA Testing Consultation

  • Learn why to DNA test and what to expect from DNA results
  • Your questions answered about DNA tests and testing companies
  • Review your research goals to create a targeted testing plan to best meet your goals
  • Receive recommendations for a cost-saving testing plan that maximizes your results
  • Individual 20 minute consultation via video conference, video chat or phone 

Custom Research Project

  • Custom research projects can be created for your specific research goals.  Projects may include:
  • Traditional, document-based research projects incorporating your DNA results in a formal genealogical research report
  • In-depth DNA analysis and a written report including charts of your family relationships and DNA results for a particular research goal
  • Management of your DNA results using DNA testing company tools and/or 3rd-party tools, organizing and interpreting your results, creating and uploading a GEDCOM of your family tree to DNA databases, and communicating with your matches
  • Custom research projects have no set amount of time needed for the project and NO guarantee a particular conclusion will be reached in the authorized time or at all

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